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Art Display/25mm-Real Snowflake Preserved Resin/Glass

Art Display/25mm-Real Snowflake Preserved Resin/Glass

SKU: 2024-137

Real snowflake collections captured and preserved! One-of-a-kind gifts from nature designed into jewelry and unique art pieces. No two snowflakes are ever the same! We utilize raw gemstones and other natural materials.

The snowflakes have been magnified using resin and glass layering to see all the tiny details. Surgical steel or sterling silver is typically metal of choice on pendants, rings or braclets.

Each snow crystal is captured by hand! When snow begins to fall we setup and watch. Temperatures must be freezing for snowflakes to begin forming dendrites! Collection is a race against time! Although I keep my art studio freezing; Light, movement or accidently breathing in the wrong direction can damage the crystal before the process can begin. As any artist I find my paint brush is best extension of my fingers to move and manipulate.

Our favorite snowflakes are then transferred onto microscope slides for the preservation and curing process to begin. Our Method is based off a basic polymerization, using chemical reaction to change the molecules from liquid to solid in essence.

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    All works are backed with a lifetime repair or replacement policy!

    Simply ship it back and we will work out the details.

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    Each piece is unique and hand crafted, if it is not up to your expectations upon arrival please reach out!

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