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Snow Crystal Preservation

Kit Tutorial

Collection Kit Supplies

  • 6 glass slides

  • Paint brush

  • Cure resin

  • Black collection paper

  • Collection certificates

NEED-Cold, snowy day!

Image by Aaron Burden


  1. Set glass slides, resin, paint brush and collection paper outside when it’s 20°F or colder to chill them. Catch flakes on black collection paper or pick them up with cold paint brush.

  2. When you find your favorite, place the flake on one of the glass slides and drop resin on the snowflake.

  3. QUICKLY drop another glass slide on top! Don’t press down too hard or the flake could rupture or melt from the heat of your finger.


We have provided enough supplies for THREE collection samples!

Leave the slides in a freezer for one or two weeks and don’t touch it with warm hands. The resin must completely hard before the snowflake warms up.

Capture Memories!

What’s Next?

You now have your very own Snow Crystals to hold forever!

You can send your collections in for setting or love them just the way they are.

  • Interested in having your piece set just the way you want? Send us a message to get the process started! Kit reimbursement and discounts provided.

  • Donate a collection and become part of our lifetime/worldwide art project.

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